!Tsuite Consulting

In addition to selling !Tsuite, we provide assistive consulting services through our company and our global partners. A typical !Tsuite consulting engagement consists of understanding the business problems the client is trying to solve and analyzing data sources and destination points. After the initial analysis, we create a solution that may include database design, data manipulation, stored procedure design, batch job creation, and extended integration with business intelligence systems. This process also support building additional functionality into !Tsuite if the need arises, provided the client has a budget for this purpose and the proposed extensions.

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Project Management

Our team has decades of hands-on project management experience. Having in-depth knowledge of IT systems, programming, and business processes allows us to scope projects correctly from the start. We have a track record of successful project delivery, consistently coming in on-time and within budget. We have also been called in to save the day when a project has derailed for any reason. In such situations we bridge the gaps between business and technical staff, and create a more respectful process where a project that has faltered can be recovered successfully.

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Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is widely practiced in Western Europe, where companies spend considerable efforts to document their processes. The European rationale is that the better you know why and how something happens in a business, the better you can optimize it. Once you optimize the processes, it is accepted that the organization is inherently more efficient and progressive. Yet, despite the proven importance of BPM, few North American companies currently engage in the activity. Perhaps it is a cultural difference, where in North America the emphasis is on doing (and worrying later) and in Europe it is on planning and then executing. We realize an optimal middle-ground exists, and can guide companies as to how Business Process Management can assist them with knowledge transfer, training, document control and ISO certification.

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Legacy Systems Integration and Reverse Engineering

If you are stuck with an old application that the business relies on that requires a refresh or maintenance, we can help. We have extensive experience reverse-engineering legacy applications that have no documentation, or have been abandoned by the people who built them. For example, some companies find that their MS Access application is no longer responsive, but the users are accustomed to the interface. In such cases we can keep the front-end and design a proper back-end database and migrate the data over to the new data warehouse.

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Custom Programming

We have many years of custom programming experience and understand that sometimes a product off-the-shelf just does not suite a business need. We can design and develop a solution from start to finish, ensuring the best solution for any problem of any size. We also do mobile development and have made apps that seamlessly interface with other business systems, recognising that distributed information management is now reality.

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