!Tsuite Origins

The people behind !Tsuite have decades of consulting, business process management and custom programming projects under their belt. Often, the problem faced was consolidating data across different, often incompatible systems. Most of the available tools were either too expensive or too complicated for the clients to use after the engagement. Thus, !Tsuite was developed: a simple but highly effective tool that gives you access to all of your data, no matter what system it is on.

The typical !Tsuite client is a business user who needs to consolidate and pool data efficiently. More often than not, the company's IT department is already stretched to the limit (if there is an IT department at all). Prior to using !Tsuite, our clients were often overwhelmed by the labour and data-entry required to accomplish even simple things or get basic reporting done.

!Tsuite does not replace your existing systems. Instead, it lets you better leverage what you already have. You can maximize the systems you are used to, without needing additional dedicated experience or expertise to throw at the business problems you are trying to solve.